Friday, December 17, 2010


We've been really busy lately. I've been trying hard to get some handmade presents finished, wrapped and under the tree as well as wrap all the other presents. I've fallen behind with editing pictures, doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and just about everything else. I really need to get these presents wrapped so I can get back on the ball. While Oliver has been napping, Abriella and I have been taking advantage of the time and keeping ourselves busy with art projects. She loves anything little, that she can glue, decorate and/or paint. So we decided to make salt dough ornaments and she loved the whole process so much. We made the ornaments the night before and let them cool so we could decorate them in the morning. The recipe was super easy and they turned out really well for having a 2 (and three quarters) year old doing the measuring. Her favorite part of making them was using the cookie cutters to make the shapes.

But really, the most fun part was decorating them.

We broke out the glitter glue and it was a huge hit.

I love her concentration on things and I really hope that that continues and rubs off into other areas of her life.

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