Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday

The first present under the tree...
Except it's for Eric's birthday. He always complains that I wrap his presents in Christmas wrapping paper so I opted for grocery bags :) I hope he had a good day and enjoys his presents.... even though Abrie told him yesterday that we got him Toodles for his birthday.

This cake looks infinitely better than the one I made him last year. By request, Strawberry cake... Abriella's request was for the sprinkles.

George the Elf went back to talk to Santa and found a new place in the house. Abriella was amazed and kept asking what he was doing up there :)

And a few more from our Christmas tree adventure.

After finding the perfect tree we went inside and got some free hot chocolate...

Watched the train for awhile...

Saw the reindeer...

And sat in Santa's sleigh.

Then we went home and decorated the tree... Oliver helped untangle the beads Abriella tangled up last year.

Abriella put the finishing touch of the star on top.

I'd say that's our tree for this year... but someone keeps changing it throughout the day :)

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