Wednesday, December 1, 2010

George the Elf

George the Elf came to visit us last night. He perched himself on a picture frame for Abriella to find this morning. She gave him the name George after Curious George and he will be going back to the North Pole tonight to tell Santa how the kiddos have been behaving. Tomorrow he'll be back and in a new spot... I'll try to keep you updated on his whereabouts :)

We also braved the cold and went out to get our Christmas tree. It was so cold but I loved the fact that it was snowing while we were out there. It really makes it feel like Christmas. Here are a few pics and hopefully tomorrow I'll have some more! I hope everyone is enjoying the start of the Christmas season :)

Eating snow of course... she kept scooping it off the cut stumps of the trees... I don't really want to think about what she ingested while out there!

He was so bundled up he just drifted off to sleep.

This is the one...

Waiting for the truck to carry it back for us. (They pretty much do everything for you at this tree farm... it is sooo nice!)

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