Monday, January 17, 2011

4 Months

I can't believe it's already been 4 months (well almost 4 and a half months now, but who's counting) since baby Oliver came into our lives. He is getting such a personality now and is too cute. Most of the time he is Mister Serious but when he does crack a smile or give a belly laugh it can make a bad day instantly happy! He is doing so well with this tummy time and loves to watch the world go by. He just really discovered his toes last night (at 2am mind you) and can't get enough of them. He loves to chew on anything and we think there might be some teeth popping through any day. He is adored by his big sister and you can just tell that he adores her. We did his "official" shoot yesterday and I know I always say this but these are my new favorite pictures ever! :) But really how could you not say that with a model this cute!!

Here his sister was trying to help... help with what I do not know.

And my absolute favorite...

Sorry there are so many of the same type of shot. I just couldn't narrow them down. I am going to put one in a frame in the living room and I have no idea how to choose. Any opinions!!


Jessica Boron said...

They're all adorable! I do love the last one a lot. That little drop of drool is so cute! :)

The Smith Family of 4 said...

I don't normally care for straight on shots, but my favs are 3 and 9. He's getting so big!