Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I know that Valentine's Day is way over.. but I wasn't really feeling in the Valentine mood at that time and really didn't feel like posting. So I thought I'd write about it now :) Abriella's new favorite things to play with are beads (and marbles... basically anything small and round). She loves to string them to make necklaces, stick her hand into the container and let them run through her fingers... oh and dump them all out. We had to put them away! But before we did we made some Valentine hearts to hang around the house. She loved them and sat there for a good 20 minutes putting the beads onto the pipe cleaner. I'd call that a good project!

She was so proud of her heart... can you tell which one is hers?

Oliver just loves to hang out and watch what's going on!

I'm itching to get outside and take pictures. Well really to just get outside. We had a few teaser days but couldn't get out because Oliver has had a terrible cold. Now we all have terrible colds, but it's freezing again and a good time to lay around and snuggle :) Come on spring we're ready for ya!

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