Friday, March 4, 2011

Happy 3rd Birthday!

I cannot believe that 3 years has already passed since our sweet little girl came into our lives. Abriella, you are such a wonderful little girl! You are so smart and funny and quite a little spitfire. You have such an attitude... usually a good one, but when it's bad it's really really bad. You love to have fun and play with your brother. You can count to 13, know all your ABC's, can spell your name, can add and subtract, can sing dozens of songs, can make demands, can listen to directions (when you want to), you love fruits, like veggies, love your blankie... and your Mommy and Daddy (Daddy a little bit more right now), could eat pizza or macaroni and cheese everyday, love to correct people when they mess up reading stories (even the ladies at storytime), you love princesses, Thomas the Train, and everything Toy Story, you can get yourself dressed with very little help, you can now just reach the lights, you hate to see people sad, you have tiny feet, brown eyes, and a big heart! We love you bunches and bunches... and bunches.

And I can't forget to mention Oliver... Happy 6 Month Birthday Little Man! You are such a sweet little boy. You hate to sleep, love your Mommy and Daddy (but Mommy the most), you can roll over, love to eat your toes, speak Alien, eat like nobodies business, sit up, love trains and anything that goes, you have brown eyes, a big chubby belly and adore your sister! We are so happy to have you in our lives and can't wait to see the bigger little man you are growing to be!

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Anonymous said...

Amazing how she's grown!