Monday, March 21, 2011


I know I've been pretty much MIA at the moment. We all been passing around sicknesses so the only free time I get is after 8:00pm... and by that point I'm ready for bed myself. We've still been busy... and I've still been taking lots of pictures... I just haven't put them on the computer or edited them. I'm so far behind I'm not sure how I'll catch up... maybe after Eric finishes school and is home a bit more! I do have a few to share of Abriella's 3rd birthday pictures and Oliver's 6 month pictures... but that's about it for now... hopefully we'll all be better (and I'll have napping kiddos) soon!!

And my 6 month, 21 lb. chunky monkey!

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Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos! His children are dears, congratulations dear! And photos of the birthday of Abriella?