Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Birthday Party

I've been asked by a few people where the 3rd birthday pictures are. It's sad to say that I just opened them today and realized that I hardly took any at all. We worked so hard on favors for her friends and I made pennant banners to hang in the room and I didn't take pictures of any of it. I was recovering from a sinus infection (uggh... never had one before and hope to never ever ever have one again) and guess I should be glad I picked up the camera at all... but still I wish I had those memories in pictures! Anyways I thought I'd post the few that I do have and hopefully I'll be more frequent in posting now that I'm fully recovered and Oliver seems to be on the mend too. He's just finished his meds for his 2nd ear infection and those two bottom teeth are trying so hard to poke through. I've been spending most of my time keeping Abriella busy with Oliver in my arms... poor boy (and poor Mommy... he's heavy ;)

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