Sunday, May 8, 2011

Big News

First off I want to send out a Happy Mother's Day! I am so thankful for my Mom and for my kiddos who are making my day such a good one!

The first big news is that Eric finally graduated.

I think we are just as surprised as he is :) It still seems surreal and he still has to get a job... but it is so exciting that he is done! We are so proud of him and know that all his hard work has been worth it. I wish I had gotten some better pictures of his graduation, but I had a bouncing baby boy on my lap and couldn't get a steady shot the whole night, lol... It will be so nice to have him home so much more (I think)

In other big news...

Someone is so close to being on the move. He can get himself around by getting up and then lunging forward on his belly. It's not really crawling but he's starting to get into trouble...
Yep, that's what I think about it too!

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Anonymous said...

Hello Christina! How big is your boy! And congratulations to Eric! And Abriella, how's your little one?