Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Little Miss Muffet

On the day we went strawberry picking, the weather was just too nice to be inside so the kiddos and I packed up a picnic dinner and headed to the park.

Abriella panicked because she heard a bullfrog. I thought she would think it was funny, but she was undone.

Oliver would not sit still for even a second... he kept crawling over to steal Abriella's food even though he had the same stuff right in front of him.

Once he finished his dinner he decided to move on to grass for dessert.

And then he tackled his sister and that was the end of dinner.

Sound like it was a good plan so far?

So, since things were going so well, I thought that before we went back over to the playground I could take some pictures (Abriella was picking flowers and is usually somewhat cooperative when partially occupied ;) and I asked her to lay down....


and she almost did... until I saw him freaked out, snatched the blanket, shook it out like a wild woman... and off we ran. He may not look all that big here... but he was. I promise!

We moved on to another area... much prettier lighting wise, with flowers for Abriella and no spiders for me :)

for me?!?

what a stink!

boy oh boy does he want to get out there and run around with his sister

And then Abriella decided that it was her turn to make up the poses.

Gosh I love that kid :) Despite the trauma of dinner it was a beautiful evening and Abriella brought home many "flowers" and had a good time at the playground. I guess we'll call it a success.

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