Wednesday, October 26, 2011

The Farm

When we were up visiting my parents we went out to Amish Country and found a new "farm" to visit. We have been out to Rolling Ridge Ranch a few times but it was closed so we decided to try a new one called "The Farm". It was amazing. You basically load up into a horse drawn wagon and go out into their acres and acres of land where they have all kinds of amazing animals roaming free.... and you get to feed them. I was worried the kids would be scared but they loved it. Almost all the animals were really gentle and even Oliver was able to feed some of them. I'm going to apologize for the insanely extreme amount of pictures I'm about to post... but it was just so much fun :)

This baby water buffalo had just been born that morning!

I didn't get a good picture of it, but there was a baby zebra that had been born the day before too!

And again with the over sharing!! Here comes a bunch of picture of the best part... giraffes!! But really... how often do you get to see giraffes this close up... so close that one slimed my camera lense :)

Not only did they have this amazing wagon ride but they had a mini zoo there too. They had kangaroos, monkeys, an aviary, and even lemurs.

They also had beautiful Amish homes that you could walk through with free cookies! If you ever happen to be out in the middle of nowhere in Amish Country you should really pay these places a visit... you won't be disappointed :)

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