Wednesday, November 2, 2011


I hope everyone had a safe and happy Halloween and now are enjoying the bounty of candy :) The kiddos had a lot of fun trick-o-treating this year. Well, at least Abriella did... Oliver did not know what was going on but was a trooper. We kept up the tradition of going along with some friends and it's amazing how many little kiddos we had running around! They were all so cute and it was so funny to see how much they had changed from last year... knew just what to do and all we had to do was keep up with them :) Yep, there's my kid already breaking out the candy. She had put a piece from home in her bag the other day and I had told her she had to wait until trick-or-treat to eat it... well she didn't forget and definitely didn't waste any time :)

Love the Woody and Jessie... see that bit of mask in the upper right corner... that's what Abriella is staring at with a look of horror

The obligatory picture together on the chair...

I think it was a success!

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