Saturday, December 24, 2011

Reindeer Food, a Gingerbread House and a Rappelling Santa

Merry Christmas Eve! We're ready for Christmas. Our Act of Kindness tree is looking a little bare. Mostly in part to Oliver, who pulled some of the numbers off and lost them.

I wish I could say that it went perfectly.... it didn't (aside from the loss of numbers)... but I do think that it achieved its purpose. Abriella now walks around stores asking what she can do for other people there. She gave up 9 quarters (1 of which she had really wanted to use for candy) to give to a group feeding children downtown. We didn't manage to do everything we had on the tree, although we tried... but we did do a lot of extras. Abriella's favorite was finding places we could leave quarters, gumball machines, the newspaper machine, pennies for the horse at Meijer's. I am so proud of her. I love that we don't have to end this now, I can see her leaving random acts of kindness all over; the whole year round. We finished our Gingerbread house the other day and Oliver has been using whatever he can to try to climb up to it and steal candy.

Last night we went and drove through a huge light display and the kids went crazy over driving while out of their carseats with faces plastered up against the window. Oliver squeals... it's wonderful.

George brought us our magic reindeer food and it has been liberally sprinkled so that Santa doesn't miss our house.

We had a lot of fun the other day on a visit downtown to watch Santa rappel down the side of a building. Eric and Oliver missed it since we were running late, of course, and had to go park the car. But Abriella loved it.

This was the face of pure joy the whole time Santa, his Elf and reindeer danced their way down the building.

It lasted until this...

That's the one terrible picture of the fireworks that I got since the little one started bawling as soon as they went off. They were close and they were loud, and she'd never seen them before. All she kept yelling was "they are hurting my ears" in the midst of her sobs... poor thing.

She perked back up though once we went inside and saw Mrs. Claus.

We wandered around for awhile and enjoyed the sights. I always enjoy visits downtown, especially winter ones.

We have enjoyed a wonderful holiday season and are all excited for tomorrow. From our family to your, we wish you a Wonderful, Very Merry Christmas!

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