Thursday, February 23, 2012

Getting Impatient

Camera is still gone. Just checked the status and apparently they're not fixing anything else. Argh! Frustrated. We'll see what happens, but all I have to say is that it has to be back by the Little Miss' birthday party next weekend. I'm just getting around to some of the pictures that I did happen to snap while I had it for the few days in between. On a whim one afternoon we decided that it would be a good fun idea to take the kids bowling. We knew Oliver was still too little but thought Abriella might have some fun. Let's just say the kids had a great time. It's nice though, when they can have fun despite our grownup frustrations. For those of you who know Abriella probably realize that once she gets excited about something there is simply no calming her down. She turns into this crazy hyper bouncing ball of energy. To say that that's what she was when we walked into the bowling alley would be putting it mildly. After the chaos of walking in, getting shoes and finding a lane we got to   make sure no one was knocked unconscious with a bowling ball   bowl.

You might think this is a picture of her ball heading to knock down some pins when in actuality it's just sitting there, stuck in the middle of the lane. I don't know how this didn't happen more than once.
That picture about sums it up! The local bowling alley can rest assured we won't be back anytime soon.

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