Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's Back

but not for long!! So after anxiously, impatiently waiting for my camera to return to me it finally did... and still doesn't work. I pulled it out of it's box and it looked so beautiful. Nice and clean and seriously like new shiny! But then I tried it out... and it's still front focusing! Uggh, so back it goes. I had been putting off getting Oliver's hair cut for quite a while. One, because he had the cutest little fly aways and curls and I knew they would be long gone forever once they were chopped off... and two, because I didn't have my camera and I wanted to capture the moment. Since it was back I decided we should take him in. Abriella did so well her first time so it really didn't cross my mind that Oliver would be any different. Boy was I wrong! We decided to take him to and old old old barber shop in our cute little downtown area and that may have been our first mistake.

We walked in and the place was so cute... old soda machine, antique barber chairs... old men getting their head and beard shaved, lol. But Oliver lost his little mind. He refused to sit in the chair and as soon as Eric sat down with him he proceeded to scream the.whole.time... until he finally gave up and then just kept up with the big tearful sighs and hiccups. It was probably mean to snap these pictures but he'll probably look back on them and smile (I hope). I felt so bad for him and really would have stopped the whole thing if he wouldn't have looked like he had given himself a haircut. The women there was so nice and really did a wonderful job

Here is the sad little boy with his big boy haircut. Finally getting to eat his sucker, since he just held on to the first two which became covered with hair.

To help him get over the trauma we also treated him to a nice lunch at Applebee's. I can't get over how grown up my baby looks now. In all the drama I didn't get a chance to really think about it, but even looking at this picture make me tear up a bit. He's too big, but oh, I love him so.

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