Thursday, May 24, 2012

I'm Still Here

I know it seems like I've dropped of the face of the earth :) I'm still here... life has just gotten in the way of posting. We've had a lot going on and by the time I get to sit down at the computer I just don't feel like posting. Oliver has been having a lot of nighttime/bedtime issues. They may just drive me insane. I do feel bad for him because he is having a really hard time transitioning into his big boy bed. That's right... at 19 months we had to move him in with his sister into his big boy bed. He could not be contained by his crib and simply hated being in there. He does fairly well in his bed now, once he's asleep... it's just getting him asleep that proves the challenge. By the time he loses the battle it's usually after 9pm and I'm ready for bed. The evenings are my only real time to edit/post so it all has obviously been neglected. Hopefully things will start to get better (soon!) and I can get back into the grove of editing and posting.

Anyways, enough rambling... we have been spending quite a bit of time outdoors and just hanging out. The kids love to be outside and I love it when they are not inside causing destruction :)

Please don't mind the clothing choices of these kiddos. I promise they are not neglected... some battles are just not worth fighting... like wearing sister's pink boots with no pants ;)

I love Abriella's love for nature. She is so intense trying to open her tiny flower. 

Oliver loves the water. He loves the water so much he just can't help jumping into the pool fully clothed. Even when there is barely a puddle outside, he still comes in completely soaked!

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