Sunday, May 27, 2012


This was actually from several weeks ago, but I still want to post it because I am so proud of my amazing husband and sister-in-law! They ran their first half-marathon and marathon. They both had been training for the past several months to run the Flying Pig Marathon, but Eric hurt his knee/knees so he wasn't able to do the full like he had wanted. But still 13.1 miles... amazing! And Kristen... 26.2... awesome! Still don't know why either of you wanted to do that to yourself... but it is truly impressive :) and has motivated me to "train" for a 5K. I know a 5K isn't anything compared to what they did, and so many people can run that in their sleep, but for me it would be huge. So thank you both for the motivation to get myself back in shape! We had to be downtown so early but the kids were troopers even though I forgot to bring them shoes!!

So many people... so early (about 5:30am).

Waiting for a glimpse of daddy.

The official start.

And they're off... I really wish I had caught a better shot of them starting off... but we had been distracted by the men running in hot pink tutu's right before them and forgot to pay attention. Oops!

Trying to catch another glimpse at the 5 mile mark. 

Found him!


Congratulations you two! You're awesome :)

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