Saturday, June 2, 2012

Down by the River

We found a new exciting place for the kids to play. Oliver is finally old enough that I almost don't have to constantly worry about him strolling out into the river... almost. I've always loved this amazing bike trail/park in an old historic part of town, but a trail down to the river made it that much more fun. The kids loved throwing rocks, playing in the sand and waving to the people canoeing and kayaking.  We will be frequenting "our spot" this summer.

We started out our outing with a picnic.

Some playground time.

 Then a lot of exploring!

Shell collecting.

 Some wading in the water.

He has to do everything exactly the way his sister does.

Then they found the best little patch of sand. 

They did some digging 

And throwing!?!

You just can't play in sand without taking your shoes off (actually you're just not Abriella with out taking your shoes off... she takes them off everywhere!)

Some throwing sand... on sister!

More throwing sand on sister!

Helping sister cover herself in sand!

My little boy looks too big. Literally where did the time go? I want my baby back!

Digging for buried treasure. 

Collecting the best shells. 

Waving to the kayakers. 

Mr. Trouble

Just like his sister. 

Then we rounded the day out with some ice cream (turtle to be exact... yum!)

These kids love their ice cream. 

And finished it off with some more playground time. 

Abriella backed out of going down the 15 ft. slide that goes straight down. 

And after all that, Oliver still didn't nap! Oh, and for the record, I did not mean to dress them in matching blue striped shirt and pants, lol.

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