Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Loft Bed

The room is still not done, but since it still seems like it might take awhile for it to be completely finished, I decided to share what we've done so far. Some of you know that Oliver is off the chart for height... by inches. Which means that at about 14 months old he was climbing out of his crib, easily. So we thought we could outsmart him and essentially put the mattress on the floor still inside his crib (I promise it was completely safe)... and that worked for a few months until he managed to pile his blanket and stuffed Thomas up to climb out again, and again, and again. He also decided to boycott letting us rock him and pretty much went ballistic as soon as it was time for bedtime. So we decided to let him move into a big boy bed in his sister's room. And that's when the loft bed idea started. We got the inspiration from here. I loved the idea, but then we would be moving Abriella (and all her stuff) from a full sized bed to a twin and I knew she wouldn't have enough room, lol. The kid loves her books, stuffed animals, blankets and whatever else she can find, in bed with her. So we decided that a wall of bookshelves would work perfectly as a way to hold all her things and still keep them within reach for her. Unfortunately, I didn't have a wider camera lens so their is no one good picture, but I thought I'd share a few in case it inspires anyone else who doesn't have a lot of room to work with to build a gigantic loft bed with bookcases :)

Lots of shelf space to store her stuff. 

Plenty of storage and play room below. 

The curtains make it a secret fort!

A nice reading loft area (there was supposed to be another picture frame on that shelf, wonder where it went).

Little brothers bed, for the moment. We are going to build him and really short platform bed with built in (almost full length) bed rails since he is one heck of a crazy sleeper. 

Abriella had to have her birthday "pinata" hung up next to her bed since she can now play Rapunzel while she is up there. 

They love their room. We finally have ours back.... couldn't be much happier with it. Now if they would just both go to sleep!

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