Thursday, September 6, 2012

First Day of Preschool

We're hitting milestone after milestone over here. The day after Oliver's big 2nd birthday was both of the kiddos first day of preschool. Abriella has been ready for this for just about forever and had been so excited to get into her class and get on with the learning/playing! We signed Oliver up for the one day program  because we wanted him to have more interaction with kids his age. He also has a really hard time separating from me, and we hoped that this might help him have an easier time with that.

We started the day off with a pre preschool breakfast.

Took a couple silly first day pictures out front. 

And then they were off. 

Abriella charging in on her own. 

Oliver was not so sure and hung back a bit. 

Abriella meeting her teachers. 

Oliver was able start his day out in the large playroom. 

That was awesome, but now he's not so sure about the classroom. I saw this picture and felt so bad because I can see the worry on his face. He kept asking me to sit down and have snack with him and almost started crying when I said I had to leave.  But he was a brave boy and no tears were shed!

A peek inside Abriella's classroom... she was working out!

A peek inside Oliver's... he forgot about me and was eating snack :)

A note about his day was waiting for me at pickup. 

On the way home! They said he did great and only threw a fit on the way out the door because he couldn't have the suckers in the other kids cubbies!! We are now in the awesome tantrum throwing phase!!

The big girl and her first project. She loved preschool and was sad that they told her she didn't get to come back the next day. So much fun!!

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