Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Happy 2nd Birthday, Oliver!

My baby is two!! It seems like so long ago... but at the same time, like it was just yesterday, that we were racing to the hospital to make it just in time for his arrival. We are pretty smitten with this ornery little stinker of a boy that that baby has become. My baby is also has is first day of preschool tomorrow! He is so excited to take his backpack and go have some fun with new friends. I can't believe how big he is and how he is no longer a baby... he still is my sweet little boy though!

We had his party on Saturday and he loved every minute of it... especially the gift opening part. Cars was the theme that he picked and he was so happy to see all the new Cars friends and Cars wrapped presents. He sure is a lucky boy to have so many people in his life who love him so much!

 This kid sure didn't waste any time tearing into his presents. He doesn't mess around!

 His very own Tag... now maybe he'll stop fighting with his sister for hers... maybe!

 Go Browns!

 He could not wait to get into his cupcakes.

Two candles for Oliver and one for Abriella (for her half birthday... she was not the best sport letting her brother have his birthday to himself)

 The best part!

 Love all his new cars and trucks.

 Birthday balloon for the birthday boy!

Another mark on the growth chart! He's getting sooo big!

A special thanks to everyone who came to help celebrate the birthday boy. And to my brother for taking most of these pictures :) His birthday video will hopefully be coming in a few days. We got rained out for our 2 year photoshoot.

Happy Birthday Little Mister!!!

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