Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to the River

We've been loving our "secret" spot down by the river. We have been back to visit several times and we all love it. This time we bought some yummy sandwiches from one of the local shops and found ourselves a quiet picnic place by the water.

I love watching these two together. Oliver is always watching his sister to see what she is doing. This is usually good... but also bad :)
 Silly grump face!

 That's more like it :)

 He was yelling at the kayakers coming by!

 We went back up to the playground for a bit. It is so nice because this playground is almost all in the shade!

 Oliver got really into driving "the boat".

Such fun day!

If you're wondering why there aren't more pictures of Abriella, it's because she is still in the hating her picture taken phase! Hopefully she'll grow out of that soon!!

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