Friday, August 3, 2012

Family Vacation

It's been a long time. We were on the most wonderful vacation for a bit and then it took me forever to get through all the pictures. I wanted to pick my favorites to share on here but whenever I just edit those, the others never get finished, so I made myself go through all of them. Then when I went to choose which ones to share I just couldn't decide, so I made them all into a movie of our trip. We visited Michigan and I fell in love! I've been driving Eric crazy with all the talk of moving up there, but our trip was just so wonderful and everywhere we went was absolutely beautiful. It was just the thing that we needed... a beautiful, peaceful getaway (I am serious about considering moving there... I'm just not so sure about the winters ;) The kids were awesome and such troopers in the car. They had a great time too and I think it will show in the pictures. Enjoy!

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