Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Trip Down Memory Lane

Last week we took an impromptu trip back to good old Miami U. We always talk about going back and walking around, showing the kids all the places we used to live and love. It was amazing once we got there though, everything has changed. Uptown is missing a lot of it's local restaurants and now has more apartments and parking garages. So many of the buildings have been torn down and rebuilt and they are in the process of doing more and more construction. It is still such a beautiful campus but just so different than the years we spent there. There were still a lot of good memories from our time here though!

We tried once again for the elusive shot under Upham's arches. My camera seems to hate this spot and cannot get focus for anything. Eric ran into someone he knew (he always does and it drives me crazy how he knows people where ever we go) and we able to get a decent family shot. 

This was the best I could get of the kids... oh well.

One of the many construction projects in progress. 

Most of our freshman year was spent here in this courtyard. The trees are huge now... makes me feel old. 

Before we left we had to let the kids run free in the fountains. They had a blast :)

Such a good day!

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