Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Sisters, Cousins, Friends, Family

Recently, I was asked to take pictures of our friend's family to celebrate the 1st birthday of their little boy. I decided that that wasn't going to be enough of a challenge, so I decided to ask them if she would mind if her twin sister's family tagged along. I mean their little ones are only a week apart and what cuter pictures than two adorable cousins talking baby talk to each other. Throw my baby girl's bff in the mix, because I really wanted pictures of the two of them together... some more family shots... and oh maybe I'll try and snap a few of my baby boy for his 2 yr. pics. No problem, right... no pressure? Well to tell the truth, besides being a little short on time, due to another ridiculous Friendly's experience... it all worked out really well. What a fun, busy, crazy, memorable night. Thanks to both of these families for going along with my crazy ideas... and even sitting on bug infested grass!! I hope it was worth it :)

 Abrie's beautiful bff!


I truly love these two and what they have together. I hope you both stay in love forever and we can continue this picture tradition as long as you'll let us!!

I absolutely love this next picture... the look on E's face when Oliver comes over to try to get on the bff love... that's pretty much how she feels about him right now :) 

You know... just shooting the breeze!

Little miss likes to be the center of attention!

He was on the move!!

Then to end the evening there was a little "who can throw their baby the highest" contest. 

This family has been on one heck of a foster-to-adopt journey. They are still waiting for the perfect someone to fill their family. They had this wonderful idea for a picture to show that special little one how much they are loved, wanted and thought of! Makes me so happy!! 

I hope you enjoyed you "sneak peek". I can't wait to get the rest to you. Happy birthdays... happy anniversary, happy journey in life :) I'm honored to have been able to capture these moments in time for you! Thanks for choosing me!!

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