Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Summer Festival

It was once again festival time. The kids were waiting for it the whole summer! I, personally, don't care much for festivals... but this one has lots of things for the kiddos to do which makes it worth it. Oliver was old enough this year to really enjoy it and Abriella is old enough to remember exactly what her favorite things are to do. It is fun to watch their excitement over silly little prizes and games that cost way too much!

This "game" was Oliver's favorite. He couldn't push his sister out of the way fast enough to get to his sucker.

Ready to go on their ride. Abriella was so excited that they had it again this year and that her brother could go on it with her. She promised to stay with him and help him through. She abandoned him in the balls!!

Nice Oliver, real nice!

He did it all and didn't even hesitate at the big slide... such a big boy!

This game will be a new addition to Abriella's list of must-do's at the festival. For $5 they both got to throw this ball in the giant bucket and then they won a giant inflatable!! Oh to be 2 and 4 again :)

Oliver waiting for the ball that is larger than him.

Abriella was overjoyed to get her pony "Sarah Rainbow Sparkle"

He insisted on carrying it all the way back to the car, even though he could hardly walk with it. 

Fun night :)

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