Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Children's Museum

I can't believe tomorrow is Halloween and then it's November. I don't know where October has gone! We were really busy last month and I haven't posted any of the pictures of the things we were up to. We visited the Children's Museum in September and loved it! We're hoping to get passes this winter so we can go visit all the time. There are so many fun things to do.

The first room they always want to go in is the ball room. It's so hard to get them out of there :)

They then hit up the grocery store. Oliver doesn't last as long there, since you can't really eat anything.

Then Abriella served us all some food in the diner.

Abriella was pretty pleased with herself. She helped build this huge arch... and then got to knock it down. 

We found some musical instruments. 

And spent lots of time at the water table. 

They also have this area where the little ones can go in and they have to have a parent with them to get out. Love the fact that they are free to play and we don't have to worry about losing them. 

After that we went over and visited the Natural History Museum. 

The land sloth. I didn't even know that this had existed. 

Completely unprompted, Oliver put his arm around his sister. Love them!!!

Lots of fun was had at the dinosaur table.

By all ;)

They even had a very realistic cave you could walk through. Such fun! 

We're so lucky to have all these fun things by us. We can't wait to go back... we didn't even see all there was to see.

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