Thursday, November 1, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Halloween this year was cold and wet. I tried not to dwell on that too much considering how so many were not even able to have a "halloween" this year due to the devastation on the east coast. My heart goes out to all those affected and we are looking for ways to help where we can.

We did keep up with our tradition of trick-or-treat with our ever growing group and piled out of the house with bundled little ones. It is amazing to watch the progression of the girls from year to year. This year it was full speed ahead. They knew what the night was all about and they weren't going to mess around. We hit a few more houses this year and they all cleaned up. Lots of candy to go around! I was very disappointed to get over to the house to realize that my camera battery was dead. Iphone it was, but it was dark and there were a lot of little ones to keep track of. So I really don't have any pictures of the night. In the middle of it all though (while chasing down the candy) Abriella informs me that she really doesn't like Halloween because people play too scary of music. That kid :)

We did attend our first Trunk-or-Treat event at the kiddos preschool. They had all kinds of fun things to do, but it was freezing. Even colder than Halloween, and the wind was whipping.

Batman had fun in the obstacle course until he couldn't find his way out!

This boy can take down a hotdog in .2 seconds! 

Abriella's favorite game... candy in the hay.


We didn't last very long outside so we went in to watch the costume contest. Oliver was supposed to be Clark Kent for this but 5 minutes before we had to go we realized that his superman shirt was in the laundry... normally I would have pulled it out but it was the shirt that he wore when he fell in the pond the other day! Ummm... yeah can't put that back on. So Batman it was... and guess who won the prize for Oliver's group... Clark Kent. Oh well! Maybe next year.

Abriella was waiting so patiently. She had talked and talked about winning the prize. I tried to tell her that you can't win a prize if there are half a dozen other princesses there :( The pirate next to her won runner up and princess Leia in back of her won first prize.

Yep. There's a baby lobster in that pot. They won first prize for the families. 
I loved this girl's costume. She won for the older girls and was a loofah!

Oliver got the hang of getting the candy very quickly. I couldn't believe how many cars there were. We made it down a row and a half before they gave up. We had fun though.

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