Friday, August 23, 2013

First Day of Kindergarten

So Abriella's first two days of Kindergarten are behind us. She survived and mostly enjoyed herself while I melted into a hysterical mess. Today was better... but yesterday was completely disastrous.

Lets start with the one and only "first day" picture I was able to take.

Yep. Isn't that awesome. Our condo complex decided to replace everyone's roof due to recent storm damage and chose the week that school starts to begin this massive and disastrous project. This picture doesn't make it look too bad, but we had to wait until it was safe to leave our house for the bus stop since they were throwing piles and piles of shingles down from our roof the morning that school started.

But lets start with before we even got outside. I couldn't sleep the whole night (which isn't really that different than most nights recently due to how large and uncomfortable I have gotten) but that just made it extra wonderful when coupled with a day full of emotions. So we all get up and Abriella decides she is just going to start the day fighting. We had an outfit picked out, a hairstyle decided on and everything ready to go. She decided she didn't want to do any of it that way any longer and needed things to be the way she wanted them to be... great start to the day! After a battle on clothes (half won but us), a battle on shoes (won by her), a battle on breakfast, and a battle on her hair (I won but I'm not sure it worked out in my favor) we made it out the door... late.

And then that was as far as we made it. Right outside our door was a disaster. Once we made it out to the road we slowly and grudgingly made our way down to the bus stop. I had multiple people tell me about how the time they tell you on your bus tag is when you should be at the bus stop and people tell me how the bus is always always late... so of course when we round the bend we see the bus already pulled up!! It was 5 minutes early! Abriella runs up and gets in line, quickly gets on the bus while I grab her and get a half hug and then she is gone!! And I promptly drop to the sidewalk into a hysterically crying mess. Ok... maybe not right there on the sidewalk. I made it home, but the rest was pretty much true. I couldn't believe how badly the morning had gone and now she was gone and I couldn't check on her and see how she was doing. I wasn't going to get to talk to the teacher and see how her day was. And she was gone!! It took everything in me not to get in the car, go meet her at school and promptly whisk her home and say that was enough of a kindergarten experience for her, she could now stay with me forever. But I didn't. I waited 4 hours for her to come home to me and promptly started crying every time I thought about how I didn't get any pictures of her at the front door, at the bus stop, or getting on the bus. How I didn't get to tell her I loved her and hoped she had a fabulous day. I didn't get to give her any last minute advice or say my prayer for her... uggh, I'm still upset thinking about it.

But then she came home to me... and that was wonderful!!

I got to hear about her day and how much fun she had. She made new friends, sat with nice kids on the bus and thinks that she could probably go back again the next day.

I was sad to hear that the note that I wrote to her for her to read at school went unread (she said the teacher told her she couldn't read it at school) and that the hair that I tried to meticulously braid with my pregnancy induced carpel tunnel fingers came out on one side and no one helped her take the other one out... so she walked around half braided all day!I was so upset about it all I couldn't talk to anyone about anything until after dinner.

After all that I decided that tomorrow would be a do over. Tomorrow would be the first day of school and it would be awesome! Well it was still hard, but I didn't spend the whole day a mess and she had a good day. So I'll call that one a win :)

Well, officially...

Luckily they finished our roof. The walk to the stop was still a disaster but we left plenty early :)

My big girl!!

Have a wonderful day (still lost the shoe battle today, lol)!!

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