Monday, November 11, 2013


We extended our Halloween celebrations a whole week with a Fall Fest and Trunk-or-Treat, a party at Whole Foods that they threw together since Halloween was so miserable and then finally our annual Trick-or-Treating the day after Halloween. The kids got more candy than they will ever need to eat in one lifetime but fun was had by all.

Whole Foods put together treat bags and all kinds of snacks for the kiddos. Oliver decided to be Popeye one more time.

They had crafts.

And games. 

And prizes. What more could a kid ask for :)

The day after Halloween... the obligatory best friend picture on the chair (wish I would have moved the coats). Six years of pictures have been taken here!!!

The kids are getting so big going up to all the houses by themselves.  

Comparing their stash.

And that was a wrap. We were upset at first that they changed the day of Trick-or-Treat... but it ended up being the perfect night for it... we made it over an hour. A new record :)

Miss Aliza made it the whole time too. In her unicorn costume all wrapped up with mommy :) Have you ever seen a cuter unicorn.. I think not!

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