Saturday, October 5, 2013

Aliza's First Month

I cannot believe that Aliza has been with us for a whole month. Some days it seems like so much longer than that but most of the time I just don't know how it is going so fast. So far she has been a good baby. She kind of tricked us by giving us almost two weeks of sleepy perfection but then started to spend more time awake and she is really very rarely happy during those awake times. We are very recently beginning to suspect that she has reflux which makes sense and would explain a lot of her issues. It is hard to see her so upset but hopefully we'll be able to help keep her happy and with a lot of bouncing and baby wearing we'll make it through the next few months.

I had so many pictures that I haven't posted that I decided to just make a slideshow of Aliza's first month with us. I didn't get nearly the number or the types of pictures that I wanted (mostly because as soon as I would lay her down flat she would wake up and scream... reflux?) but after watching the video and seeing what I did get... I'm happy :)

I do want to preface the video with the fact that I just recently heard this song (after Aliza was born) and instantly fell in love with the lyrics (I had no idea it was from Twilight :/ ). To be honest I had a really hard time when we found out that I was expecting again. I went through some pretty serious anxiety and depression... mostly because I was just so scared of how things would be and how they would end up. I knew in my heart that the moment I saw her things would be alright... and they are. The waiting and not knowing had been killing me. And it was true... the moment that they laid her in my arms I knew... she was always supposed to be here. I had been waiting and waiting and worrying about things that God had always had worked out for us. It's so funny how we have all these thoughts and plans of how things are supposed to be or how we want them to be... but really we have no idea. We have no idea what's best for us... and I'm so happy that that's the truth... otherwise this baby may not be here. Her name means "Joy" "God is Gracious" and I think that is exactly what I need in my life :)

Anyways, enough rambling. Here's the video...

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