Friday, December 13, 2013

Family Pictures

It's getting harder and harder every year to get our family pictures. I probably should just pay someone to take them for us... but for some reason I'm just not that smart and think that I can do it all my self. Ha! This year we threw a newborn in the mix and it made for an even more interesting session. I really didn't even thing we were going to get it done this year. I was having anxiety attacks every time we planned to go out and do it, so I would make up a reason not to. Finally, it was a beautiful sunny day and there were just enough leaves left on the trees that we just threw outfits together and headed up to our favorite park. I'm so glad we did!!!!

There was some silliness of course. 

They couldn't figure out how to hold their sister at first.... she looks like she's loving it :)

Liza was less than impressed with tummy time. 

How did this girl get so big!!

And this boy too!!!!


So they're not perfect... but I love them and am so happy that we got them. 

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