Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Liza 7 months

I've been trying to get all the pictures of Miss Aliza that I can since this may be the last week for quite awhile that she will sit still and be somewhat cooperative for pictures. She is on the brink of mobility and then it's all downhill from there.

This is the view I get at least half the time right now... I think it's going to be the dominate view from now on :)

She is turning into such a happy baby!! Especially when her brother and sister are around. 

Her poor old man hair...

My grass eater.

Love this picture of Liza and Phoebe. I think I have a very similar one of Oliver and Phoebe at about the same age. 

She is showing more and more personality. I adore this picture because she it captures her goofy spirit.


This picture speaks a thousand words. It is so Abriella. She is our girly girl who hates creepy crawlers and flying bugs, but loves to get dirty. She's the kid who won't use silverware, can roll around in mud, paint herself and seems to get her clothes stained with nothing but water. Oliver is the complete opposite. He will only use silverware. Won't touch paint, cries when he is the least bit muddy, wet, dirty. Their differences are so interesting to see and I love the uniqueness of each of them. Can't wait to see where Aliza falls.

Couldn't help snapping a few of my sweet big girl. We're still hoping to get some "official" 6 year pictures. 

 This picture makes me so sad. She had just found out that the fairy dust on her necklace had fallen off while she was out playing. We looked for it but their was a lot of ground to cover. I guess she won't be flying any time soon :(

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