Sunday, April 13, 2014

Lake Erie

A few weeks ago we went north to visit our families. When we were up visiting Eric's family we enjoyed eating at a restaurant right across from the lake. After a wonderful lunch we took the kids over to see Lake Erie. It was so windy and cold that we only stayed a few minutes, quite a change from the 82 degree day we are having today!

The kids found sticks to use as swords, of course.

Then took to attempting to throw them into the lake.

Then started climbing on things!!

And racing of course.

This little girl graced my camera with a few cooperative shots. 

Then got silly.

Back at the house the kids took to more climbing... the tree this time. 

Liza and I stayed and played inside. 
She is sooo close to crawling. 

She has been fascinated with her fingers lately. 

She wore herself out. 

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