Monday, October 6, 2008


So I did get to set up a real photo shoot yesterday but those pictures aren't processed yet but I'll try to get them up soon. I would like to apologize in advance for the quality of the next group of pictures but I couldn't pass up posting them. I had to use the dreaded flash and then also found out later that I had never turned my lens back to auto focus from my last photo shoot (so it's actually a miracle that they came out at all). But here you go... this is what happened when I stepped out of the house for one minute and left the crawling baby alone with her father. And yes, he let her do this, and then so did I (I mean it was more important to get the pics... right?!?) Enjoy!

"Hmmm... this cat house with these cat toys looks interesting!! I think I'll take a look inside."

"A little bit closer...."

"Still need to get just a little bit closer..."

"Now we're getting somewhere."

"That's better. Now I can really get a good look."

"Whoa... maybe I went a little too far."


"Ok, it's all good. And I found something."

"See, I found a ball. This is so much better than any toys that I have."

"Uh, oh.... I see a problem about to happen with my head here."

"Uhhh.... yes.... definately a problem...."

"Well, we'll just worry about that later. There are still more fun things in here."

"Maybe if I can go back out the way I came in..."

"Almost there."


And for those of you who might be wondering... yes she does have clothes... and yes she does wear them. This is just what happens with she left alone with her Daddy. He's too lazy to put them back on, so I apologize for all the baby in a diaper pictures.

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