Thursday, October 2, 2008


I have been MIA for a little while. Abrie and I have both been sick and it is getting dark so early now that it's getting harder and harder to fit in a photo shoot. She's also getting more and more mobile which makes it that much more difficult and time consuming to get a few good pictures. I am going to try to post as often as possible but it may not be quite as frequent as it has been. Hopefully you'll still come back to visit!!

I have been wanting to try my hand at silhouettes lately so we gave it a quick try last night. I found out that I am really not very good at them. I don't think that it helped that the sun was a little too low and there were tons of trees in the way. I found though, that with a few clicks in Photoshop you can make a fairly decent silhouette. If only there weren't all those trees in the background... Well let me know what you think of my first try!!
This is close to what the sky looked like (I think...)

See what I mean about the trees.... boo...

This was so close to what I had envisioned... if not for those darn trees

Oh and I found this guy trying to eat one of our peppers. Yeah, I know, who really wants to see a grasshopper, I told you I was having a hard time finding cooperative subjects. I could zoom real close on his mouth to make it more interesting... nah I won't do that to you


Bryan - Live Video Specialist said...

Man! I am amazed at these pics! Especially the grasshopper. Do you shoot with a tripod most of the time? If not you have very steady hands.

kelleycn said...

Nope, no tripod. Just a fast shutter speed. I actually have a very nice tripod thanks to my father-in-law but I am too lazy to get it out most of the time. Thanks so much for the compliments though!!