Wednesday, December 10, 2008

It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

First off, don't you like my cheesy song blog title's!!

I have been inspired by my flickr friend to post more Christmas pictures. She is doing "The 25 Days of Christmas" where she posts a new Christmas related picture each day. I am not going to make that kind of commitment but I've been having so much fun with lights that I had to post some.

This first picture was a complete mistake which I happen to adore. It was my shot to gauge how to expose since my camera doesn't have a meter with the one lens. As you can see I was waaaay off.
(don't worry the lights had just been turned on so they weren't hot)

Don't you love our new non-breakable ornaments...

I'm sure I'll have more tomorrow, since I keep taking and editing the kind of shots instead of the ones that are actually important (ie her baptism!!)

I also added a Christmas playlist, I'd love to hear suggestions of your favorite Christmas songs.

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