Friday, October 2, 2009

Apple Picking Time

There is this fruit farm close to us that we've been to for the past several years to get out pumpkins. They have pick-your-own everything and yet it seemed like we kept missing all of the fruits this year. But finally we got to go... pick the "clean up" apples... you know the ones that they can't sell to anyone... the ones that look like they might have some disease... but still actually taste pretty good.

It was a fun time and now we have a whole bag full of apples we don't really want to go eat... and I want to go back again!

smell that... it smells like fall

she wasn't too sure what to think about being lifted up high to pluck apples from the tree (notice the death grip she has on her daddy's shirt)...

she loved carrying around her bag of apples... until it got too heavy

she felt a bit safer getting the apples from the claw...

and putting/throwing them into the bag

she had to try a bite of each one...

"it came from up there"

she was so cute and went and found a secret spot inside the tree to sit down and eat her apple

yay!! for apple picking

this is how she has always gotten up... don't know why

eatin' an apple in the apple tree

walking back to get some cider, donuts and an apple fritter....yummy

had to stop on the way to check out the piggies... they wanted her apple and scared her a bit, lol

lookin' at the gourds, they were her favorite last year

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