Monday, March 30, 2009

Columbus - Part Two

So I've finally finished editing most of the photos from the Columbus gtg, with Jenny as my wonderful model, of course. (and maybe a few of the little stinker)There were so many cool places to shoot and I hope I did them justice.

Thanks again Jenny for being such a wonderful model. This practice really helped me to see a lot of things I need to work on (like skintones, geez they are all over the place). But this was so much more productive than just hoping for something decent from Miss Abriella!! Hope you enjoy.

Oh and for the life of me, I just can't seem to get things to look right on here. All the pictures seem to either be too soft or too sharp, sorry if they look funky.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

A Lot Changes in a Year

I had wanted to make this video for Abriella for her birthday but I've been so busy with the pictures I had almost forgetten. I am not quite a month late, but here it is. It's amazing how much happens in just one year.

Sorry for the terrible video quality. I need to find another way to post videos than using the default. Bummer!!

It's also funny to see how amazing I thought some of my first pictures (and photo shoots) were, I feel I've improved quite a bit in less than a year and still have so much more to learn.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Columbus Get Together

On Sunday Abriella and I traveled up to Columbus for the day. I was getting together with some photographers from a website that I love to visit and having lunch with the family. It was a really nice day, a little colder than expected, and I was able to get a lot of wonderful pictures.

For the get together we met up at OSU and took pictures of our "models". I was really hoping for some of the wonderful photographers to get some great pictures of Abriella, but she didn't cooperate at all and no one else got anything of her. I don't know what I would have done if my mom and sister weren't there. Mom took care of Abriella and Jenny was a wonderful willing model. It was a great day and I'd love to do it again.

Here are some pictures from the day.

Look at how pretty she is...

I love the light and the happiness here (at least from Jenny)

this was about the cooperation we got from Miss Abriella

She was definitely not into it :(

I am glad that Jenny was so good at posing. I have no idea how to pose people since I pretty much just play paparazzi to Abriella. Hmmm, I think I have to work on my white balance here though. I made her shirt blue!?!

I have quite a few more to process but loved the ones so far. Thanks so much for being a wonderful model Jenny. I hope you like the pics.

Friday, March 20, 2009

A Day at the Park

Abriella is getting so big. She now walks, no make that runs, everywhere. Her crawling days are already behind her and there is so little baby left. She is now a full out toddler, who really doesn't toddle all that much anymore. Eric took her to the park a few weeks ago and I missed it so after the aquarium and the nap attempt we took her over since it was an absolutely beautiful day. Here are some pics of the big girl.

It was really windy out, and it made it quite amusing to watch her wispy hair.

I think she was sad that she wasn't bigger. She wanted to follow the big kids around and do all the things they were doing.

Picking up and carrying the mulch was one of the highlights.

This was her favorite slide. It is really bumpy and not enjoyed by mom or dad.

I love the way she is running into her Daddy's arms. We put her in the baby swing but she much preferred to swing with one of us.

I took her back again on both Tues. and Wed. and had to take a few more. I really didn't get many because I was by myself and she is hard to keep up with as it is.

We took her ball this time because the last time she kept trying to swipe a little boys soccer ball. Oh and how do you like that outfit by the way, those are the tiniest tennis shoes I could find (and they are still a little big).

This one just melts my heart, look at that precious face playing peek-a-boo.

It was pretty warm this day too, so once we got home there's nothing like a nice cold pear popsicle.

and just a few more because she's too photogenic not to share...

She has her Daddy's eyes and I just love them sooo much.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Visit to the Aquarium

Last week was Eric's spring break so we took advantage of our one whole day together as a family (this never happens) and took Abriella to the Newport Aquarium. We weren't sure how it was going to go since she was tired and grumpy to begin with and the only time we could really go was during her nap. She actually ended up doing really well and I think she had a really good time. Here are a few pics of the day (actually quite a lot of pics actually, sorry I couldn't narrow them down) I had fun taking pictures but the lighting was terrible so I tried to make them look the best I could.

She was in awe...

I love how she was trying to poke his nose, that's what she does to the cats too.

She didn't understand that you couldn't take the stuff in the touch and feel pool with you!?!

I think he was the creepiest thing that I saw!! I"m glad he was behind glass.

One of the highlights for her was pushing the stroller around.

This was the grossest thing we saw. Look at that neck.

Ok, no this was the creepiest thing we saw!! This is why I don't like swimming in anything besides a pool.

This turtle was absolutely huge.

He was yawning :)

She was so excited to go to the frog bog. She was skipping ;)

These are my favorite. They are so cute even if they are poisonous!

She was so cute with these big frogs. You could push a button on the back of them and they each made different sounds. She kept running back and forth between the two to press their buttons.

Sweet Pea (or Scooter, you can't tell from this pic). I feel like their eyes look so sad :(

And last but not least, the Penguins (just for Jenny :P)

We also rounded out the fun filled day with a visit to the park. It was my first time seeing her at the park so of course I had to take some pictures. I'll post them later on though, I think this post has more than enough pictures (sorry!!) Thanks for looking. I wish we could have more days like this, it was perfect!