Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Potty Training

WARNING... WARNING!! You may not want to read this post!! It is about potty training and most likely too much information!! Don't say I didn't warn you...

We decided it was time to start the potty training process with Abriella when we found her several mornings in her crib like this...
yep, I guess she decided she didn't like having a wet diaper on so she removed her pants, then removed her diaper, and went back to sleep... we were very lucky there were no accidents in her crib

she was showing all the "signs" of being ready so even though she's so little we thought we'd see how it went for a bit...

how does it look like it's going so far?!?

a little bit better!!

wooohooo.... score one... a few pee pees in the potty, one stinky... and quite a few messes on the floor... but we're getting there

oh, and I'm very sorry if I've thoroughly grossed you out ~ I promise this will be the only potty training post ever!!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

For the Love of Peanut Butter

When Abriella was born one of my biggest fears for her was that she would be allergic to everything (well not everything, but a lot of things). This may seem silly to some, but with our two families combined we have a pretty decent list of allergies that she could inherit, especially when some of them are mild to moderate anaphalatic type reactions. And all too soon we realized that some of these "fears" were coming true... she was allergic/intolerant to dairy as a baby... had a terrible reaction (screaming fits) when we gave her her first baby cereal... and basically had a stuffy runny nose for the first year of her life. Well, she's outgrown those allergies but now has to suffer the seasonal ones...

but then there was the big test... the one that I was so afraid of... PEANUTS!! I made Eric do it a few months after she turned one... when I wasn't home... what a good mom am I... I was too scared she would swell up like that girl who ate the gum on Willy Wonka... but you know what, she was fine!!

And by the looks of it... I think she is in love!!

now the only thing left is shellfish!!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Loni & Mike // M A R R I E D

I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of a good friend of mine this weekend. It was so good to see them again and be a part of their big day. The weather was perfect and everyone had a wonderful time. Here is a sneak peek of the pictures (I haven't even gone through most of them yet) and hopefully they are enjoying their honeymoon!! Congratulations!! Hope you enjoy your sneak peek ~ thanks for giving me the opportunity to do this for you guys!

Friday, September 11, 2009

The Fam - Part 2

Ok, I'm sorry, but I just couldn't help sharing a few more of these two. I just loved their pics!!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I love three day weekends. I would really love seven day weekends... but anyways... Eric and I actually had most of the day Monday to spend together so we took the little miss to the Boonshoft Museum in Dayton. We hadn't been there before so we werent' too sure what to expect but it made for a great day. Abriella had so much fun playing even though she couldn't focus on anything for more than 30 seconds, lol.

Here are some pics of the day (please excuse the poor focusing and bad lighting)...

Diggin up some bones...

playing with light blocks


oooh... the water table

this was Abriella's favorite part... it was a color wall where if you stood in front of it it showed you in pixels on the screen... so here is abrie and her daddy

driving a truck...

they even had an animal hospital

they had to check on the frog

her daddy didn't do a good job saving the frog, so she had to lock him up in jail...

I guess she figured she was at fault too and locked herself up along with him...

once she was free she had to go to the general store...

hmmm... what produce looks good today

off to fight some fires...

ready to go...

time to take out the recycling...

yes, you can be anything you want to be when you grow up... even a garbage truck driver :)

watching the floating earth show... while eating teddy bears

and last but not least... my favorite... the lego area

and I just had to share this... we went to Abriella's 18 month appointment on Friday and the Dr. said that she had hit all of the "marks" so far and the next big thing was jumping... so she decided she better get right on that... and she learned it all in the color room

Monday, September 7, 2009

The Fam

My family came down to visit this weekend and it was so nice to see them (even if we didn't get to go pick apples). As excited as I was to see them to just hang out I was also excited to try out my new lens on subjects who stay still and follow directions. I rented a lens for a wedding next weekend and got it early so I could practice with it because I really want to do a good job at the wedding. So of course when the brother and sister visit they get drug out to my random places for photo shoots!! They were great models and I hope they enjoy the pics. Here are a few of my favorites...

ok, well that was way more than I had planned on sharing. I just had so much fun editing these... and this was less than half of what I have, lol. Hope you guys like them as much as I do. Thanks for modeling!!