Friday, January 29, 2010

Second Surgery

Abriella had to have her second surgery on Monday. It was those stinkin' ears again. The one tube fell out mere months after she had them put in the first time and immediately started getting ear infections again. So on for round two it was. Both were replaced and she's doing much better already.

She was a little trooper the whole time and had the nursing staff wrapped around her finger. She had coloring books, Elmo toys and bubbles brought to her while she was waiting. We were never really in the room alone so I didn't get a chance to snap some shots of my big brave girl... but I did get some later. She was given this whole ensemble to wear... a white gauzy top and bottoms and then these socks... they were hilarious. I guess they were size 5/6 big kid socks and Abriella insisted on wearing them on her 0-6 month sized feet.

She even had to wear them when she got home... they are her favorite souvenir of the day!!

I am not sure what the attraction to them was, but she loves them.

The surgery itself went very well except that she woke up very very grumpy. She was so sad and not even the Popsicle made her feel better. Once we got home and she had a good dose of Tylenol and Elmo she was back to her mischievous self. Thank you for all of your prayers! We're hoping that was the final ear (and hopefully any) surgery.

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