Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Summer Fun and a Handmade Dress

I have two desires right now. One is to nest... clean, build, organize, create.... and the other is to lay around and do absolutely nothing. It makes it very difficult. I really want to do things but the motivation comes and goes. I have more baby boy room items, boy bibs/burp cloths, diaper inserts to make... but after my bedding experience I've been needing quick easy fulfilling projects. So I whipped up this little pillowcase dress and the Little Miss decided she wanted to wear it on our stroller ride so of course I had to take the camera :)

She was cracking herself up throwing rocks in the water. Every time she'd throw one and it would splash she would laugh and laugh. Then it turned into covering her mouth and laughing. She's such a silly girl! I love it :)

After the rocks we went looking for the giant wishing flowers. We had found them once before and I had been dying to get a picture of her blowing it but she decided to throw a fit and swing it all around leaving it nothing but a stem. So I was beyond excited when we found just one hiding in the weeds. She blew and blew to get those little seeds to fly off.

(I was soooo happy to get this. I hope she made a good wish)

It's also amazing what stepping over a few feet will do. She walked over a few feet and I adjusted my angle and got this beautifully lit picture. I adore the lighting here and love the warmth it adds to the picture.

Stay tuned for part two of the dress :)

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Anonymous said...

The dress is sooo cute! I saw this website on how to make your own baby sling / carrier and thought of you! http://www.thebabywearer.com/lists/Sewing.htm