Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Trimming the Tree

No tree trimming wouldn't be complete without hot chocolate.

It only took about 2.5 seconds for someone (Abriella) to spill...

her brother was more than happy to clean up for her.

Trouble with a capital T.... tangled up all the beads again!

I had to have hot cocoa out of my scary Santa mug. 

"Daddy the lights look great, but why is there that dark spot in the middle." Next time we'll check the lights before we put them on the tree. 

Abriella was telling about each and every ornament... this kid does not forget a thing!

Putting up their special Disney ornaments from Grandma. 

Tired out from all the decorating. 

The tradition of Abriella placing the star on top. 

Then Oliver throwing a fit because "I do too!!!" So he got to do it too. 

Thanks to the self timer we even almost got a nice family one in front of the tree. If only it hadn't been so dark so the picture quality wasn't terrible. Oh well, you can't have everything ;)
And that's our tree!

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