Saturday, May 25, 2013

Preschool Graduation

We just got back from vacation last week and then this week was a whirlwind trying to get everything done for the end of the year. Our vacation was phenomenal and we are planning on when we can do it again (Disney Cruise) but I have over 400 pictures to get through. Unfortunately about 80% of them are really out of focus since a little boy, who will remain nameless, decided to sweep everything off the table in our cabin on the ship, including my camera. As if it didn't have enough problems... I think he ruined my main lens and along with it most of the pictures since you can't really tell they are out of focus on the tiny screen. I guess you can say it's the memory that counts, but still.... I'm pretty upset about it. That's why most of these pictures could look a heck of a lot better. Hopefully I can send the lens in to get fixed (and then get a new camera, lol). 
Anyways, I can't believe it, but my Little Miss is now an official preschool graduate. They had an adorable ceremony (which made this crazy pregnant woman cry like a baby), a luncheon and a special chapel to celebrate her year. Throughout the year they had a "star of the week" where they brought in a poster about themselves, their special treat, and their favorite thing. The last week they had hung all the posters out in the hall. Abriella had insisted on making hers all by herself :) It was so fun getting to know all the kids this year and looking at all their pictures. Lots of love going on!

They played the graduation song, walked in two by two holding hands, and then found their seat... too precious.

 My sweet little graduate. She was given the aspiring artist award. They said she gets very focused on her projects and they need to make sure she has a lot of time to complete them. I can just picture her telling them "just one more minute, I'm almost done" :)

Her two amazing teachers. The one on the right underwent brain surgery this year along with radiation... and she kept that smile on her face the entire time!! Keep her in your prayers.

Ring around the rosie one last time with her friends. 

Chapel. This picture is terrible, but I just had to post it because they all look so funny... they were really breaking a move!

Praising God!! My favorite!

Happy Graduation, Big Girl!

I tried to snap a few of them on the front porch to compare their first day of school picture to their last day of school. You would never know it but Oliver was just sobbing about something seconds before. I offered him a penny for a smile and this is what I got... I'll be sad the day that doesn't work anymore :) (Oh, and I switched out my lens for my 85mm... which luckily works so much better, but still not perfect.)

Then they started getting silly.

The keeper!

Love these more than words can say!!

And the comparison.
 A lot had changed this year. It's been good. These kids flourished at this school and even today (the day after her last day) Abriella is already complaining about how she misses her friends and teachers. I am so glad they went and can't say enough good things about their preschool. It really helped me let go of them a little bit this year. I know I'll have a hard time with kindergarten, but sending her to preschool has really eased a lot of my fears. She is ready, and excited! I'm going to work on being ready and excited too... but I need the summer :)

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