Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Splash Pad Fun

Ever since the beginning of this pregnancy I've been having to have frequent checkups and monthly ultrasounds to monitor an issue. I kind of think it's funny because now the only issue that they are checking on is baby's growth and she is in the top 20% for size... so I really don't think there is anything to worry about :) Anyways, the place that they had me going to for my ultrasound is 45 minutes away and I always have to take the kids.. they are usually really good and patient but after an extra long wait at the last one I decided to take them to a special park and splash pad that is really close to that dr.

They had fun :) and I think it made up for the wait!

This kid climbs on everything!!

Abriella wasn't quite heavy enough to get this wheel to spin on her own... she had a few helpers though :)

This part of the climber gave me a heart attack every time they climbed it... but apparently it was easy for them : /

Coolin' off in the awesome splash pad. 

Abriella got sprayed in the face. She did not like it!!

Our empty pectin container was the best toy there :)

This one didn't like being sprayed in the face either.

She was closing the lid just enough that water still sprayed out when she shook it. She obviously thought it was the funniest thing ever. 

Oliver didn't last very long at the splash pad. The liked the playground better. 

How did he get to be so big!!

Abriella made a new best friend and they turned the slides into water slides.

They were so cute... watching out for each other, helping each other and even gave hugs when it was time for us to go :)

Oliver was sad that he was being left out and kept yelling for "sister".  

She showed him she hadn't forgotten about him!

It was time to go when Oliver laid on the bench yelling that it was time to go and Abriella was pouting because the other slide was too hot :)

It was a lot of fun though and we'll have to go back soon!

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