Saturday, April 12, 2014

6 months

Well... the baby is now 7 months but I'm just getting around to edit and post her 6 month pictures. I'm hesitant to do so since we got a new laptop and the colors are driving me crazy. We were so excited to get a new computer since our other one was on it's last leg and I was hopeful that I could finally start to catch up on all these pictures I've taken but not been able to edit. Well, the new computer posed it's own set of difficulties and now I edit on the laptop hooked up to the old monitor and am hoping for the best. If the colors look terrible please let me know, it's kind of like editing blind. I need to order some more test prints to see what I'm actually doing.

But enough about that... here are Miss Aliza's 6 month pictures. She is just getting too big and too cute. She is a pretty terrible sleeper, but she makes up for it with her adorable wild and crazy ways :)

Not always happy with me :(

I missed focus on this one, but I love it. This is so her right now. She's always sticking out her tongue to feel those new teeth. (Also, I finally figured out why the color was looking so bad.... Google+ is not my friend!! It was turning my black and whites - sepia and "enhancing my color images) A side by side of their "enhanced" photo (left) and my original (right). Hopefully the right image looks better :)

My girls!!

Not the best quality picture, but I was just happy they all wanted to jump into the frame together!

She started her pterodactyl talk.

And finally, one of my favorites of her. Can't decide if I like it in color or black or white better. I love seeing her blue eyes but the black and white... love :) Such a sweet, spunky stinker she is!

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