Monday, June 29, 2009

On a Hot Saturday Afternoon

I was lucky to meet up with a fellow photographer (not that I consider myself a real photographer, but you know) that I met on my I Love Photography board at a nearby park and gardens. It was so hot and severely lacking in shade but we still managed to wrangle the kids for a few decent shots. Abriella was her normal uncooperative self when placed in front of the camera, but this time I'll let it slide since she's getting her last molar and it looks like post-op surgery in her mouth :(

I would say it was an overall success and a fun time to meet up with someone who shares so many of my same interests!! Her son was so cute and it was so fun to snap pics of someone other than the Little Miss.

Her are some of Mr. Jacob and his beautiful blue eyes!!

I mean seriously, how cute is he!?!

He was putting leaves in the little fountain and watching them travel down. Abriella almost fell in!!

Suckers are wonderful bribing tools, lol. Abriella had her first one too and she seriously thought it was the best thing ever.

He loved jumping off all the rocks!!

and of course a few of the Little Miss...

She loved that sucker, but most of it ended up on her dress, hehe!!

and just one sneak peek of the next post...

I made this "knot dress" for Abriella and just had to get out and do a shoot with it. Just a sneak peek, and I'm pretty sure this is the best face I got...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So, I've avoided posting these for almost a week because I couldn't think of a title, other than more torture for Abriella, lol!!

I had been searching and searching for a little white, hopefully well used, chair and couldn't find one for the life of me. I managed to find one of the ones that you put together and finish yourself so we'll see if it works. I think I am going to paint it white and try my hand at "distressing" it.

Since I got a new prop Miss Abriella had to model it for me and make sure it was going to work the way I wanted... this is what I got!!

and of course I can't decide... black and white

or color

and she is no longer allowed to hang around certain friends because they teach her bad things... like saying "cheeeeeese" to the camera

then you get faces like that!!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Posed vs. Candid

It seems that the feedback I've been getting about the pictures I share here has been that the candid ones are the ones that people like seeing best. Honestly, they are the ones I like taking best too, but it's hard to really "practice" when the set-up is not really conducive to good pictures. There are times though, lately, when I get the best of both worlds....

Some of my new favorite pictures... candid as well as some wall worthy ones :)

I love love love this one...

this is the reason I love my 50mm 1.4 ~ not something you would want all the time, but just her one set of eyelashes in focus ~ blur :)

look at that tushie :)

for some reason she enjoys putting grass in the pool

she's so happy in the water

I am going to post every single picture of Abriella when I get eye contact because it just doesn't happen...

but I love it when it does happen even if her faces are like this and her hair is in her eyes...

when we went in from the pool, she put on her adorable pink robe and was so happy to wear it around the rest of the night :)

I'll post some more "posed" shots later... as posed as you can get a one year old...

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

I hope that all the dad's are having a wonderful Father's Day! I was lucky to spend the day with my family and with my Dad (who I haven't been with on Father's Day in about 10 years)! I hope that Eric is having a good day too. This was part of his present... I hope you enjoy it too!

and look, what a wonderful Father and Grandfather...

willing to read the same books, over, and over, and over....

I Love You, Dad!! Thanks for visiting :)

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Best Friends Forever

Eric and I are lucky to have some really good friends. It's wonderful too because we both have little girls and they are only 7 weeks apart. We try to get together frequently and managed to have dinner last weekend. As soon as the two little ones were born we decided that they will be best friends forever (whether they like it or not). So far it's going pretty well....

as long as there's lots of room in the wagon, and two strands of pearls :)

Friday, June 12, 2009


I've always been kind of fascinated by the whole "nature vs. nurture" idea. What is taught? What is instinctual? I don't really know, but it sure is funny to watch a little one grow and develop. It's amazing to see what they pick up, from what you teach them and from what you don't. I never taught Abriella to put on lipstick... but...

she likes to go through my purse... and happened to find my chapstick... and this is immediately what she did (and I honestly don't think she's seen me put on chapstick more than one or two times)...

Now I'm not saying that if she was a boy she wouldn't have done this too (and I would have let him), but it's interesting. It's also funny how she automatically wants to put on makeup, try on all the shoes in the house, picks dresses over anything else, and

loves her pearls...

just something to think about!!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Miss....

naughty... that about sums it up :)