Friday, January 29, 2010

Second Surgery

Abriella had to have her second surgery on Monday. It was those stinkin' ears again. The one tube fell out mere months after she had them put in the first time and immediately started getting ear infections again. So on for round two it was. Both were replaced and she's doing much better already.

She was a little trooper the whole time and had the nursing staff wrapped around her finger. She had coloring books, Elmo toys and bubbles brought to her while she was waiting. We were never really in the room alone so I didn't get a chance to snap some shots of my big brave girl... but I did get some later. She was given this whole ensemble to wear... a white gauzy top and bottoms and then these socks... they were hilarious. I guess they were size 5/6 big kid socks and Abriella insisted on wearing them on her 0-6 month sized feet.

She even had to wear them when she got home... they are her favorite souvenir of the day!!

I am not sure what the attraction to them was, but she loves them.

The surgery itself went very well except that she woke up very very grumpy. She was so sad and not even the Popsicle made her feel better. Once we got home and she had a good dose of Tylenol and Elmo she was back to her mischievous self. Thank you for all of your prayers! We're hoping that was the final ear (and hopefully any) surgery.

Friday, January 15, 2010

My Big Girl

I love this little girl… she is getting too big… her bff just turned two and in just a few weeks it will be her turn. It makes me sad because despite the late nights, the crying, the inability to understand her… I loved her baby time. So in my desire to keep her little forever I decided to try and take some “newborn” typed posed shots of her… it didn’t go well at all. She is completely uncooperative. But what I did catch I loved.

I wish I hadn't chopped her hand in this one...

The rattle was her idea!!



The "newborn" ones aren't being posted here because unfortunately you cannot password protect blogger posts and the silly girl is sticking her tush in the air... I love these even if they were far from what I was going for.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

More Snow Fun

I love snow pictures. Eric doesn't seem to understand. I told him that I wanted to take some more pictures of Abriella in the snow and he said that I had already taken some so we should just go out and play. Well I did take some the other day but now we have a lot more snow and plus it was snowing, and snow pictures are much different than snowing pictures. So at the risk of not getting any because the snow was supposed to stop that night we went out when I got back from work and took as many as I could before it got too dark... which was about 15 minutes worth... I was fairly happy with the results :)

(even if she looks grumpy)

Catching snowflakes...
She wanted to go all the way down the hill...
I got one frame of pure joy... and then...
this is how it ended :(

I love her...
especially for things like this :)
She thinks she's so funny!!
She wanted to build a snowman but the snow wasn't good packing snow. So Eric kept making her piles of snow and she would put sticks in them and announce that they were "SNOWMAN"

How can you not love the snow!?!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Lunch Dates

I love having lunch dates with Abriella. She is at a fun age (most of the time) and we can now have a bit of a conversation. You know things like... "I want that" and "more cheese please"... it's fun.

Every year we get gift cards for Honeybaked Ham for Christmas and I enjoy taking her there for lunch dates... they are free and wonderfully delicious.

We were there on Sunday after Church and she was just looking so cute and big that I had to snap a couple shots.

She kept insisting that she eat the pickle (and spit out every bite).

Monday, January 4, 2010


I used to love the snow... when I was younger! When I could go out and play in the snow or go skiing. Then it just seemed to become a nuisance. But that all changed again when I had Abriella. She loves the snow... and that makes me love it all over again. She thinks it is all her's and keeps asking for more. She yelled at Monica that she couldn't go outside because "that's my snow!!" I love seeing her happy, and for whatever reason the frigid temperatures and a tiny bit of white stuff seems to bring a smile to her face...

all she wanted to do was eat it... I love her :)

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Christmas Break

I'm sad to say that tomorrow is my last day of holiday break. I love that I get the week between Christmas and New Years off from work and we have had so much fun during this time. As much as I love the time off it makes it so hard to go back. We had a wonderful Christmas celebrated three times over. Abriella was spoiled completely rotten and loved every minute of it. Our house is now Elmo Central Station with our current running total being 12
15 Elmo items (and that's not counting the books). I've also been enjoying spending some much needed time with Eric. We hardly ever see each other so a whole week together was wonderful... we even got to celebrate our 3rd anniversary this week too.

I am slowly weeding through the large amounts of pictures I took and thought I'd just share a sampling instead of waiting to post once I had them all done.

I hope everyone had a safe and Happy New Years and a Very Merry Christmas.

The Princess getting started on her presents at Grandmas

of course, every princess needs light up princess snow boots

Her favorite present... chapstick!!

Christmas Number 2.. I wish I got her reaction coming down the stairs Christmas morning. Although I think she was so overwhelmed that she didn't really have much of a reaction. She even left the present opening party with 4 presents left!!

always start with the stockings.

and of course the decorating of the Christmas cookies

Abriella loves the piano... thanks to her Uncle Andy. She was so cute climbing up there and delicately pressing keys.

and finally, Christmas Number 3. Great Grandma and Grandpa's house. I didn't get many shots here because I had to do damage control... Abriella, by this point had discovered what the whole present thing was all about and wanted to rip into anything that was wrapped. But her she is in all her glory... the fashonista that she is :)